Golf tour

Morocco is fast establishing itself as an up and coming a top golf destination, and with so much more than golf on offer it’s really no surprise that people are considering Morocco golf holidays as an easy alternative to Spain, Portugal & Turkey. With a great range of golf courses in beautiful surroundings and great weather, Morocco is definitely a serious consideration for a golf break.

Jewish Heritage Tour

Morocco’s jewish Heritage sites are some of the most widely visited in the world. When traveling to Morocco on a Private Jewish Heritage Tour sightseeing at Jewish formidable sites of historical prominence are important highlights not to be missed. Moroccan Jewish Heritage sites consist of Synagogues, Cemeteries, Zaouias and Mellahs, all preserved respectively in the the former Jewish neighborhoods of the medinas.


Few countries boast such impressive natural diversity as Morocco. From its balmy coastline to the remote landscapes of its interior, the country offers visitors everything from relaxed beach breaks through to mountain escapes. Yet trekking in Morocco remains the highlight for many. Beginners will enjoy gentle forays into the Atlas Mountains in summer, while tacking some of Africa’s toughest terrain in the depths of the snow-ravaged winter presents a serious challenge even to experienced hikers.